Our Approach

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Our philosophy is simple.   We utilize the principles of regenerative agriculture to steward our land for the betterment of our soil, our animals and in turn ourselves and our community.  We are committed to providing our animals with an environment that will allow them to naturally express the uniqueness of their species. Pigs can be pigs. Chickens can be chickens. Turkeys can be turkeys. Cows can be cows. Goats can be goats....and Ducks can be Chickens.....You get the idea! . We only use locally sourced organic feed for our animals. “You are what you eat” applies not only humans, but to animals as well.  We want to ensure that they are given the proper nutrition, which aides in their health and helps eliminate the use of antibiotics. We are also committed to ensure that when the time comes for them to be processed, it is done in a humane and ethical manner in accordance with applicable government regulations.

Our Story

We are a multigenerational family farm based in beautiful North Glengarry, ON. The original patent for the land that we farm was granted in 1796. Our ancestors acquired four 100 acre lots. We farm 196 acres, (4 acres now form the Kirkhill United Church property), of the original 400 acres, and the other 200 is still farmed by MacGillivrays as well. Historically the farm was farmed in what we now term “regenerative organic”, but for about 60 years had been farmed “conventionally",  which means petrochemically based.  We do not believe in the "conventional" system, and have converted the farm “back …to the future”.  We are doing this by using the 6 regenerative farming principles combined with permaculture based designs to create an agroecosystem type model.  We hope to not only improve the soil, but our community and the environment as well.

Who We Are

You know your doctor, you know your dentist,  hopefully you don't have one, but if you do, you know your lawyer, but do you know your farmers?

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He doesn’t think he’s an interesting guy, but ask him about his world travels and some of the things he has eaten!



You will be able to literally taste all the love and care that Cora puts into taking care of the animals at Kirkview Farms.

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We wouldn’t be where we are without the support of our loving family and friends. We are truly blessed!

Our Friends & Family ~ Thank You for your support!

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