Our Chickens

Chickens love to be outdoors, doing what chickens love to do, scratching and looking for food in a pasture environment. The way nature intended.  We currently source our baby chicks from a regional hatchery as day-olds. We raise the Cornish Cross or White Ross, which is the more conventional white bird that most people are used too.   We keep the chicks safe and secure in the spacious brooding area of our naturally ventilated brooder.  At 3-4 weeks of age, and depending on the weather, they are placed onto lush green pasture in our portable chicken tractors. They are moved daily onto fresh grass.  Because chickens, unlike sheep or cattle, cannot live on grass alone, they are provided free access to locally sourced organic feed. This is to supplement the approximately 20% of their diet that they receive from being on pasture. They have free access to water at all times.

Our Turkeys

We love raising turkeys. Their curiosity, social behaviours and unique vocalisations, (Yes, We Talk Turkey) make them an interesting animal to raise.  We raise the more historical Orlop Bronze, as they are better suited for pasture raising.  Turkeys require a little more attention than chickens before they go out on pasture. We keep them in our warm, but well ventilated brooder for the first 5-6 weeks of their lives. We then move them out to the pasture, where they are in Turkey tractors that keep them safe, but allows them to graze grass and exercise their curiosity. We move them on a regular basis to ensure the turkeys always have access to fresh grass and insects. They are provided with fresh water and locally sourced organic feed. The great thing is turkeys is that they can receive up to about 40% of their diet from pasture.

Our Swine

Our pasture raised pigs are raised in keeping with the philosophy of allowing them to celebrate the true pigness of pigs. We breed our sows so that they have two litters of piglets per year.  One in the spring that we offer for sale as weaner pigs to other farmers and homesteaders.  The second farrowing are the ones that we raise for meat sales.   We currently raise Tamworth, which are known as a “bacon” pig, due to their longer leaner body structure, as well as Berkshires.  Both are heritage breeds that offer a pork that is clearly different from what you will find in your local grocery store.  The breeds that we focus on are breeds that do well in the natural environment we provide them.  They are fed a diet of locally sourced organic feed and hay.  If you are one of those folks that say your not fussy on pork, you have to give ours a try.  You will be changing your tune!!

Our Beef

Where's the beef?  At Kirkview Farms of course!

Our cattle are 100% grass fed, and we mean 100%! We are a cow-calf to finishing farm.  This means that we know the complete life cycle of our animals.  We raise them from calves up to when they are ready to be processed.  This allows us to  ensure that we can guarantee what they have been fed through out their life.  We rotational graze our cattle during the grazing season, which we strive to extend each year.  We move them onto fresh pasture at least once per day, so that they are getting the best forage and creating a positive impact on soil health.  They live in a stress free environment, enjoying fresh grass, water and sunshine. The breed we have chosen is Lowline Angus, but we do cross breeding with other breeds to improve grazing performance and carcass quailty.  We have worked hard to produce for you a high quality 100% grass fed organic beef.

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